Zayan’s Rocky Start

Bang! Zayan knocked his plate out of Sana Apa’s hands, causing his naan bread, tandoori chicken, and lentil daal sauce to splatter all over the newly polished floor. And yet, the mess on the ground was nowhere near as chaotic as Zayan’s surroundings: the shouts of the other boys drifting through the window, telling each …

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Singing “Everyone’s Lonely” with My Korean Immigrant Mother

At this past Louisville Waterfront Wednesday concert (sponsored by WFPK, a Louisville Free Public Media radio station on 6/26/2019 ), I experienced several firsts. A first: My wife performed live with a Rock band! This happened, as these things go, because she happened upon the right group of people—joined Louisville Civic Orchestra as 2nd violinist …

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UPDATE 5/30/19, from the author’s colleague Andy: “Early this morning, I watched as David boarded a flight to Phoenix.  As he said to me before going forward in line, “I am so happy.” After 14 months in Adelanto, David was finally released yesterday on a $10,000 bond, with funding aggregated from a crowd-fund, from monies garnered by  …

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Why Family Photography is a Growing Industry in America

One of the industries that’s seen the biggest growth in recent years is photography. Within that, lifestyle and family photography has seen a particular uptick in industry growth and continues to offer promising futures for those looking to start their creative career. While high-profile photography jobs are facing steady competition, causing some editorial photographers to …

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