Pompeii Show Recalls How Food and Drink Ruled in Roman Era

It’s an astonishing image, both creepy and endearing: A grinning skeleton, standing erect and holding two pitchers of wine, stares directly at the viewer as if to say, “It’s party time!” The mosaic portrait, made of thousands of tiny black and white stones in the first century A.D., is one of the stars of “Last …

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Is Biohacking a Load of Baloney?

This doesn’t sound that unreasonable, does it? Tech CEO and biohacker Serge Faguet wants the following: “Good mood, confidence, focus, energy, willpower, stress resilience, brainpower, calm, health, longevity, removal of social anxieties/inhibitions. All the time. With minimal investment of time and minimal risk.” To achieve these results, Faguet runs himself through a gamut of supplements …

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Food Expo Review

We’re a society of food-obsessed people. We’re fascinated with food trends, with healthy, tasty eating, and recipes we can whip up in a jiffy that make us look like chefs. I wanted to explore the food hype at California’s largest food fair, The Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which …

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