My Favorite Albums of 2020

Nine months of lockdown or semi-lockdown. COVID-19 ravaging the globe. Isolation, disconnection, economic crises. The months leading up to the election. The election. Post-election. 2020 was filled with unique challenges as well as magnified versions of the challenges we already faced. Through it all, art offered and offers a complement, a metaphor, solace, attunement, guidance, …

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Beauty and Death: Midwife’s Forever

Honing the dark minimalism of her previous sets, singer and multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston, aka Midwife, releases Forever, a set of compellingly paradoxical tracks, compositions at once heavy and gossamer, earthy and etheric, somber and celestial. While I tend to avoid biographical info and gravitate more toward a formalist approach when offering comments on a work …

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