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Eminem Rap God? Welcome Back, Max Headroom

For your consideration, Eminem’s “Rap God” video, where the real Slim Shady looks a lot like the real Max Headroom, the 1980s artificial intelligence character known for his wit and stuttering, distorted, electronically sampled voice. The controversial MMLP2 track, co-produced by DVLP and Fithy, shows us exactly how the rap god updated his operating system. …

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Young Old Man: A Warrior's Prayer

It’s hard to find information about Young Old Man on the internet. The Los Angeles-based group is a multi-cultural blend of individuals and influences, fronted by the enigmatic Runson Willis. We caught up with them recently to discuss their newest music video, “Warrior’s Prayer,” and get the lowdown on their eclectic vibe. Katharine Hargreaves: How …

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Amanda Palmer, 'Want It Back'

Singer, songwriter, pianist, social media artist and rock star Amanda Palmer‘s first studio album in four years, Theatre Is Evil, comes out September 10. “Want It Back,” by Amanda and the Grand Theft Orchestra, is the first video from the album. It showcases lots of Amanda plus some delirious stop-motion animation.  Jim Batt directed.

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