Rethinking the City

Fareed Zakaria’s new book, “Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World,” conveys a broad view of tomorrow’s possibilities within the context of both history and a rapidly changing present. Zakaria covers accelerated change, quality government, the market economy, expertise, artificial intelligence, tomorrow’s city, inequality, globalization, a US/China bipolar world, and idealists’ leadership. The argument that most …

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Luigi Pellegrin was a visionary architect for way ahead of his time. He realized that the human settlement, as created 35,000 years ago, must be reset now at a geographic scale and become an integral part of the planet. His vision transcended Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture both in scale and time. His fantasy was …


As We Saw It – Part 7: Emotional Rome

Coming back to Rome is always emotional. It triggers pleasant memories of our days as students of architecture, of lifelong friendships, of great teachers, of great art, architecture, lifestyle. To link the central theme of “As We Saw It,” ‘what makes a city great,’ with what we chose to document through film and photography, we …

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Crossing Borderlines: Architecture and Sideways

In 1508, Michelangelo, then 33 years old, was called to Rome by Pope Julius II, who commissioned him to paint the Sistine Chapel. “I am a sculptor, not a painter,” said Michelangelo. “You will paint it,” said the Pope, “or else.” What started with the Pope’s idea of painting the twelve apostles became a project …

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