The Nested Meta-Cognition Arms Race

What connects the biggest controversy of WWE and avoiding crowds on the beach? If you do not know this already, pro-wrestling, including that from the brand called WWE, is scripted. It all happens through a systematic process — just look up these terms from pro-wrestling parlance (in their context) — ‘booking’, ‘jobbing’, ‘kayfabe, ‘screwjob’, ‘breaking …

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On Zizek

In the transit lounge of an unnameable airport, I see the fake leaves blowing in the air-conditioned breeze. I am happy to be traveling but right here, right now I long to feel the crunch of sand beneath my feet and the salt water in my mouth. I want to be at Honeycombs beach. I …

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On Hegel

What is the building block of a book length poem? What was it for Gesar of Ling or Gilgamesh, Dante or Homer? This question is not the same as asking: what is the building block of a book of poems? The answer to that is simply ‘the poem’. And there are, of course, all kinds …

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