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Make America Pay Reparations

Chad Grant: “Architects of Propaganda”

Architects of Propaganda People are willing to give up their freedom for the luxury of artificial attachment. The architects of propaganda have molded their propaganda models to fit the modern-day, but it’s the same principle that Edward Bernays had warned about in the 1920s. Facebook is well aware of these details. They model their artificial …

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The Struggles of Reentry After Incarceration

In a time where much of America’s population is incarcerated, successful reintegration of ex-convicts is not only important to those returning from incarceration, but it is also an economic necessity. Although reentry is important, the path back to a normal life after incarceration can be extremely difficult. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 10,000 …

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American Prison: Beyond the Binge-Watch

If the success of Orange Is the New Black offers any indication, it seems fair (and gross) to say that prison has become “pop”—for a Twitter moment, anyway. Even the cover of the Economist June 20-24 proclaims, “Jailhouse Nation: 2.3 million reasons to fix America’s prison problem.” Progressive-glam MSNBC has been boosting its ratings with weekends of Lockup since 2005. Everybody (white? middle class?) …

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