Left Ruth and Rick in Rome, in their twenties, right Bruno Zevi

ZEVI – Our Story

  Bruno Zevi (1918-2000) NOW – WHY? This is a time of major transformations: scientifically, technologically, demographically, and politically. Climate change has already reached a point where the question is not if but how we will cope. Professor Bruno Zevi, an architect, historian, critic of architecture, writer, publisher, and politician, continues to be a source …

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Rethinking the City

Fareed Zakaria’s new book, “Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World,” conveys a broad view of tomorrow’s possibilities within the context of both history and a rapidly changing present. Zakaria covers accelerated change, quality government, the market economy, expertise, artificial intelligence, tomorrow’s city, inequality, globalization, a US/China bipolar world, and idealists’ leadership. The argument that most …

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Luigi Pellegrin was a visionary architect for way ahead of his time. He realized that the human settlement, as created 35,000 years ago, must be reset now at a geographic scale and become an integral part of the planet. His vision transcended Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture both in scale and time. His fantasy was …



MAXXI’s celebration of Bruno Zevi’s 100th birthday, with an exhibition on his prolific production as a historian and critic of architecture who influenced many of the world’s best architects of his time, poses an important question: Can Zevi’s ideas, today, help young people to become finer architects in the creation of a better tomorrow? The …

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Crossing Borderlines Title

Crossing Borderlines: Architecture and Sideways

In 1508, Michelangelo, then 33 years old, was called to Rome by Pope Julius II, who commissioned him to paint the Sistine Chapel. “I am a sculptor, not a painter,” said Michelangelo. “You will paint it,” said the Pope, “or else.” What started with the Pope’s idea of painting the twelve apostles became a project …

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