Are people, in any crowd, “together”?

If the people in a crowd attend an event, or attend to a common action, and are not simply co-present, as in a crowded park or sidewalk, the sense of togetherness may be advanced.

That is the case in the feature image showing people gathering around a tent sheltering a music band, or spread about in the bowl-shaped mound around the circular water body, within earshot of the amplification system.

The fish eye effect is greater in the foreground and it is purposely so in order to “cup together” two cyclists off their bike and a wheelchair-bound person; for the cupping is not only physical, dare I say, but also social, as in “being together”.

Small group togetherness

small group togetherness
small group togetherness

When I approached the couple with the dog, after taking the shot out of the deep emotion that had overtaken me, in order to show it to them, the lady with the hat in the blue seat said “don’t, they are blind”.

The couple still listened to me when I described the image to them and the reason why I had taken it … when I showed it to the old couple, they just said “yes, how touching”.

There by pure combination of chance and timing and fish eye framing, there, is indeed the epitome of being together, in a small group. 

Friends together

Friends together
Friends together

Listening to music while playing cards on two blankets thrown over the grass, while their third companion reads lying on one of the blanket, that is the image that truly speaks of where I am as the “peaceable kingdom”.

No call for union … just being together and/or coming together for common weal, mutual pleasure or help.

Last words

These are of thanks that go the city of Westmount for organizing the event that has brought so many people, different ones, together … even the lone person!

the lone person gathered with the others
the lone person gathered with the others

I write this in the hope that my compatriots may remember to get together for other things than for grieving the murder of innocent people.

Credit all photos to Maurice Amiel


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