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Understanding the European Gambling Laws

We can all agree that gambling is occasionally frowned upon, if not a taboo, with many people believing that all kinds and styles of gaming lead to gambling addictions. That statement and notion are unjust. This is unfair to both the gambler and the gambling website. Not all gaming leads to addiction, and with the technological advances that online gambling has recently seen, many sites offer built-in gambling and gambling addiction tools that enable gamblers to play in a safe environment while still affording their play.

Numerous regulatory organizations worldwide do their utmost to provide ways and means to regulate gambling. As a result, today, we will look at how Europe intends to modify gambling legislation to safeguard both players and the EU casinos, like those found here: https://casinotop3.com/eu-casinos/. So, let’s take a short look at the top European countries and their adjustments to gaming rules.

The United Kingdom

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most strict licenses in Europe, and any online bookmaker who does not follow the UKGC’s laws and regulations will be significantly punished. It is also known that the UKGC has the authority to cancel a gaming license at any time if the regulatory body believes that the casino is not treating consumers fairly or is not following the rules that have been set. In addition, the UKGC has ordered all football teams in the United Kingdom to avoid accepting endorsements from major gambling companies, and a prohibition is in place.

The UKGC is likewise a powerful organization with significant ties to the British government. The UKGC decided to join the campaign against problematic gambling after considerable research and consultations with GamStop and GamBan. Only in 2020 did the UKGC inform all its online casinos and bookmakers that they would no longer be permitted to accept credit card payment methods to fund a player’s gameplay. Tough? Perhaps, but the UK is one of the countries with the highest number of gambling addictions, and laws must be imposed quickly.


Sweden had a monopoly with the government-owned Svenska Spel gaming site. Of course, the content was not as extensive as the competitors, and most gamblers chose European gambling sites instead. With this in mind, the Swedish government had to move quickly and give a feasible option for everyone. Sweden decided to further open the industry by giving Swedish gambling licenses by Spelinspektionen, allowing various internet casinos and bookmakers to set up shop in Sweden.

Today, the Swedish license is one of the strictest there is. In terms of bonuses, Swedish players can only claim one bonus at each gambling site, with the value set at 100kr or less (ca. 10 Euro).


We all know how much the Nordic countries enjoy gambling. NetEnt, one of the largest operators and game creators, is actually Swedish and part of the Nordic gaming industry. When it comes to gambling in Finland, bonuses are a resounding “No,” so Finnish players who play at Finnish-based operators will not receive a bonus or welcome offer from the gambling sites. Of course, Finns who want to play at European casino sites will have the opportunity and facility to claim a bonus.

Unfortunately for Finland, the country is being pressured to limit gambling to the state-owned betting and bingo site “Veikkaus”, as the Finnish government will introduce legislation prohibiting players from transferring cash to a non-Finnish gambling site in 2023. With Veikkaus gambling sites failing to provide solid gaming content, Finnish players have turned to foreign casinos to play and wager. This new rule and regulation will not be embraced with open arms, and many Finnish gamers will most likely utilize VPNs to continue gambling in a trendy manner

European Gambling Future

Many other European countries are constantly looking for ways and means to operate safe online casinos. With the gambler as the primary emphasis, the future of gaming in Europe appears to be more controlled, with more gambling sites aiming to establish a home in gambling heaven.

Malta Gambling Commission is not as stringent as the UK and Swedish gambling licenses, but is the safest and most common choice for European players. Since Malta is based in Europe and part of the European Union, it must obey strict European rules to safeguard the players. But with Sweden, The UK and other countries leading the way for national gambling licenses, we believe it’s just a matter of time before more countries follow with their own gambling licenses.

Photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash


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