Website Marketing Tips for Artists & Writers

Digital marketing has changed the face of many industries, including the world of artists and writers. In the past, artists and writers had to “hit the pavement,” networking with others in the industry in the hopes of selling their work. Now, the internet allows for them to branch out and become more well known worldwide. Additionally, they are able to implement digital marketing techniques to further their own careers.

There are several things to consider when you go about beginning the journey of marketing your work via a website or social media.

Implementing SEO

Search engine result pages (SERPs) serve to answer user inquiries with quality information and results. These results are provided by Google’s algorithms. Artists and writers can improve their rankings on SERPs by properly optimizing their website, allowing it to become more visible. Understandably, landing your website on the first page of Google can be groundbreaking for your business.

The answer behind breaking the Google puzzle and garnering the power of SERPs is to provide an accurate and meaningful answer to the searcher’s question. Think about who your target audience is. Do keyword research to provide answers to their most-asked questions, like about a specific product they’re searching for or who to hire in your area. Once you’ve done that research, you have a foundation in which to build your website and grow your portfolio.

Authenticity for Artists

Artists and writers alike need the internet to survive nowadays. You can’t simply be good at what you do and get by on your own.

The best marketing tip any artist can implement is providing people online with an idea of who you really are. You need to talk about more than just your work. Connect with people on a personal level. “Authenticity” is the new normal for those that really wanted to stand above the rest. Get interested in what makes your audience excited, capitalize on that, and then give them a reason to like you personally.

Let them into your world and let them see it through your eyes. One of the best ways to do this is by starting a blog about your art and provide relatable personal stories. Then, share those blogs, ideas, and experiences with followers on social media on a consistent basis. Get information from your followers to have an idea of what they are looking for and what their questions are. This market research will help you to provide exactly what it is your followers and prospective customers are looking for.

Self-Publishing Marketing for Writers

In the age of self-publishing, it has never been easier to get out there as a writer. However, it has also flooded the market with individuals looking to make a living off the written word. In the digital age, writers have to promote themselves to get where they want to be. 

First, writers need to spend money to make money. Budget money to market your book and gain publicity, especially if you’re going the self-published route. Writers aren’t doing huge book tours to get the word out anymore. Instead, they are advertising their literature on the internet and interacting within communities. If you want to do anything like a film a trailer for your book or otherwise market it, the money will likely come out of your pocket, especially as a self-published creator.

Be prepared to spend some money, but also be prepared to spend time on marketing your work, whether it be a novel or freelance blog posts. Just like in the visual artist’s world, you’ll need to be active on social media and let people get to know you and your work. Doing this will provide you with an audience before you even launch your novel or piece of work.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider how you want to market your piece of work. Does the idea of doing interviews and being on television seem like it would work for you? Would you prefer to digitally market the book without any tours? Discussing these things with your publisher, editor, or other successful writers in the field will give you an idea of how to best market your work for the audience you’re targeting.

Getting Ahead in the Digital Age

Many people who identify as an artist find it hard to get active on social media. They cringe at the idea of adhering to social norms and following along with the masses on Facebook, Instagram, and every other platform. However, the more active you are on the various platforms, the quicker your career is likely to take off. 

If the idea of social media makes you squirm, consider the idea of online communities and find a few where you fit in. Find a community where people are interested in your work. If you can’t find a community to suit your needs, create your own.

In this digital age, artists and writers have to find new ways to connect with their audience and market their life’s work through an SEO-optimized portfolio website, social media, and online communities. Doing this will allow you to get ahead in your career.

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