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What Body Contouring Procedures Are Part Of Mummy Makeover Surgery

Skin Works Medical Spa Discuss the Body Contouring Procedures Involved in a Mummy Makeover

The mommy makeover surgery combines several surgical body contouring procedures to rejuvenate and revive the body after the ordeal of childbirth.  

For the most part, a rejuvenation surgery will include an abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, fat removal, as well as some form of breast rejuvenation procedures. This could be a mastopexy or a breast augmentation. Which can be done with or without the implants.  

This procedure is not only for those mothers looking to reverse the visible aspects of childbearing. This multiple procedure package is also a good option for women who have suddenly lost a lot of weight or are looking to address the signs of aging.  

Mr Gary Ross is an expert with many years of experience in plastic surgery procedures of all types. He currently practices in Manchester where he helps those looking to combine tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and abdominoplasty in an effort to address their physical appearance according to Skin Works Medical Spa.  

Which Specific Procedures Will This Surgery Include? 

The mommy makeover package is designed to be completely tailor made to the needs of each individual. Therefore, we do not have a “one size fits all” approach to undergoing the mommy makeover.  

Mr Ross takes the time to hear about the visions and goals of each of his patients before coming up with a plan to address the outward appearance in order to best express the person’s inner feelings and beauty.  

The exact details and combination of abdominoplasty, breast rejuvenation, and body reshaping can be suited to the individual during their initial consultation.  

This is a simple and informal meeting where the plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure and what the patient hopes to accomplish by it. 

Mommy makeovers can include an array of body reshaping procedures to best suit the vision of the patient. Most often this will include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast rejuvenation, and fat removal. Muscles that have become damaged or separated from their position can also be addressed.  It is a cost effective way of undergoing surgeries that will help to enhance the way you look and feel. Find an example of breast augmentation surgery cost here. 

Tummy Tuck Surgery As Part Of Mummy Makeovers 

– Several variations of abdominoplasty are available to meet the specific needs of the individual. The ‘mini tummy tuck is one of the more popular surgery options.  

– Abdominoplasty is one of the more common parts of mommy makeovers. This procedure helps to redefine contours, remove stretch marks, and remove excess skin.  

– Scarring is inevitable, but everyone agrees that a small scar here and there is better than the disorderly shape of affairs that can occur as the result of pregnancy, massive weight loss, or the passage of time.  

Breast Rejuvenation Surgery  

– the form of breast surgery required for each individual will depend greatly on what they are trying to accomplish. There are mastopexies, which are like an uplift for the breasts. There is also breast augmentation that can be done with or without the use of implants. 

– Breast, reduction, mastopexy, and breast augmentation are the most common types of breast rejuvenation methods in the mommy makeover package. These will apply a variety of techniques to improve the size, shape, and appearance of the breasts. These can work to reverse the strain and damage caused by breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash


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